More than 200 enhancements and new features available!

September 15, 2017
by jos

During the past 12 months we focused on further improving the Morzino platform.

The virtual classroom has been completely redesigned, and the new "classbook" app can now be used to record activities, homework and student attendances for example.

You may now easily get your own classroom online, with pages including news, photos, texts, schedules, etc. It isn't even required to set up an own website on Morzino anymore if you'd like to publish your student's work.

Furthermore we redesigned the entire website – many areas have been cleaned up, and the entire platform should now be even more user-friendly.

We hope you enjoy the new features!

Your Morzino Team


Luxembourg's new education platform is powered by Morzino

September 15, 2016
by jos

The newly developed education platform for Luxembourg's elementary schools is now online.

The entire platform is based on Morzino technology, and we have been closely working with Luxembourg's Education Ministry to adapt the technology to their needs within the past two years. More than 50,000 students and teachers may now access the platform using their IAM password.

Morzino also replaces the former educational website management tools, which means that schools in Luxembourg may now build their new websites all by themselves, using the Morzino School Web Manager.

Classroom and student information can be retrieved from the Ministry's servers and all school and classroom relationships can automatically be generated by the platform, which means that every single teacher in Luxembourg may now instantly access a fully configured virtual classroom.

All data is being stored on servers located at the Education Ministry's technology department (CGIE - Centre de Gestion Informatique de l'Education).

Luxembourg's new education platform is accessible here:


Your Morzino Team


Morzino BETA now online

April 01, 2016
by jos

As of today, the morzino.com platform is now officially available as BETA.

You may now test our web apps and tools, feel free to send in suggestions and feedback.

Have fun!

The Morzino team


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